Example Portfolio

Example Portfolio

This is mostly personal preference. I try to keep things simple by buying a small amount of stocks every week. This makes things easier to manage and keep track off.

  • I value diversification and low risk and steady purchases over time to average the cost of my purchase.
  • The steady purchases over time allow me to take emotion out of the purchasing decision and make sure I don’t completely buy at the top or bottom.
  • In addition, since I am so young, I keep a small pot of money to buy all the market dips (when the market falls 5-10%)
  • I also reinvest my dividends, money that some stocks pay out quarterly, automatically.
    • This means over time I end up with more shares of the stock which intern generate more dividends
      • This is a very important and powerful concept for long term investing


  • Vanguard offers the lowest fund fees in the business and since I am a pretty simple and boring investor, I chose to have a Roth IRA and brokerage account here
  • VFINX – A low cost SNP500 Mutual Fund
    • This provides me diversification at a low fee


  • This brokerage does not charge a fee to buy or sell stocks
  • The money in this account is used more like gambling/day trading
  • If I ever feel strongly about a stock this is where I would buy or sell that stock
  • Usually though, I am still just buying a stock weekly
    • QQQ – a technology ETF comprised of the larger technology companies
      • I value the technology sector, so I try to invest in the whole sector instead of individual stocks


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