San Diego | Weekend Trip

San Diego | Weekend Trip

Friday Night

We had some issues with our flight and had to land in Long Beach and drive to San Diego. It was near midnight and the only thing that we knew would come in on the radio all the way to San Diego was Coast to Coast AM. Over the next two hours we heard the craziest alien story. Basically there is a reptilian alien alliance that had taken control of the weather machines and was causing extreme weather like the drought in California. The coalition of good aliens had reclaimed the weather machines and that is why the winter of 2016 was so wet. So that they could end the drought and not have it look suspicious. In addition to that because the evil alien alliance was close to defeat and the recent discovery of the ancient aliens ruins in Antarctica there would soon be an announcement about aliens on earth. There was also some information on the reptile aliens who appear to be on a mission to unite all reptilian aliens. If it’s true that is one hell of a story and if it is not that is one hell of an imagination.

Our San Diego | Itinerary

The following is our experience and may not be representative of your experience.

Hopefully you have a better one!





·       Kayaks at Mission Bay

·       Dinner at Greystone Steakhouse



·       Balboa Park and Museum

·       Extraordinary Desserts



In the morning, we headed to Mission Bay to do some kayaking from the north end of the bay. This being January the area was relatively empty and the water ice cold. Because of some previous experiences I brought a pillow for butt support and rigged up the life vest as a real comfortable seat. Proud of my accomplishment I showed Lucy who had drifted out to the lake a bit. I drifted it over and leaned in to situate the life vest behind her. As I relaxed back into my seat I hear a “Bloop” I leaned over and saw my new phone slowly descending into the darkness of the lake. Just as I had made my decision to dive after it I heard Lucy yell “Don’t go after it. It’s gone”. As I dove for the cell phone I closed my eyes and reached for the phone and I felt it with my fingertips but that was as close as I would get.


My glasses immediately came off my head from the dive and me not understanding my circumstances yelled underwater. So with my lungs filling with water one arm outreached for my phone and the other for my glasses I abandoned my foolish endeavor and came up for air. From Lucy’s point of view I dove in for my phone and came up coughing  “ My glasses …My glasses “ She laughed so hard and then I tried to get back in my kayak but couldn’t. Luckily I didn’t lose anything else but I was far enough from the shore to not be able to walk but close enough to swim over.


This was five minutes into our kayak trip and I was already in the freezing cold waters, blind, and out 500 dollars. In the past I had a policy to always have glasses in my car in the event the primaries broke. I got rid of the policy because in 15 years I never had it happen. I walked back to the car barefoot and the only pair I could find where Lucy’s big purple prescription sunglasses. I put them on because they did help a bit and got back to kayaking. We spent the next three hours exploring the bay pulling into the little islands and restaurants along the way. At one point I just laid in the kayak and floated around the bay for a while, rocking back and forth to the waves made by boats. The afternoon was great, I dried eventually and I didn’t look half bad in Lucy’s glasses.

We headed back to the hotel and jumped in the hot tub to sooth our tired muscles and then headed downtown for dinner at Greystone Steakhouse. Everything was delicious especially the boar appetizer and the ambiance was warm, romantic and modern.


This was a getaway trip so we didn’t plan anything so we headed to Balboa park for one hell of a surprise. We drove in on a bridge and then you’re hit with the beautiful architecture. It felt like you had been transported to Europe. We parked and walked around and even found small “nations of the world” village with each house internally decorated in that nation’s culture.


It is hard to describe how breathtaking this place is. From Japanese gardens, water features, European style courtyards, to a large open-air performance venue, this place had it all. The place is filled with museums and exhibits so we went and saw the Mayan exhibit and toured the bell tower. The exhibits were fantastic, it got a bit political on the second floor, and the views from the bell tower were spectacular. The guide gave us a history lesson on the area, which basically states that the area was built as a way to show foreign investors that San Diego was a remarkable city that should be invested in. That is the reason for the European styling and the fact that all the buildings are movie set facades. The city enjoyed the area so much that they decided to keep it after the investor faire. We had no clue this was here and would recommend it to anyone visiting San Diego. We want to go back to just to explore this area completely.


Nearby is a placed called Elegant Desserts, which had amazing sweets. We just beat the rush but you can expect long lines. I had some raspberry cream cheese thing and an apple turnover. Lucy had a chocolate brownie. Everything was so delicious we wanted more but the line was going out the building by then. The food was so good this is the only time I’ve licked a plate clean. Since we had eaten so many desserts we just had a quick bite at a local taco stand for dinner.


Not bad for a quick last minute trip to San Diego. Delicious food, pleasant surprises and a good story about how I lost my phone and glasses.



~   Happy Travels!   ~

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