Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Queen Mary Dark Harbor

Parking can be expensive and is limited here. You can pay $20 for on site parking or you can pay $16 dollars and park near the aquarium and take a free aquabus to and from the Queen Mary. We took the aquabus because it offered a free cruise of the harbor at night. We got to see the coastline lit up at night and even got to see the moon rise on this particular night. You do have to wait a bit but it is an easy way to get to and from the Queen Mary. We bought fast fright passes which gave us access to expedited lines and in our opinion were worth the extra cost. We arrived at 8pm and completed all mazes by 10pm and managed to do each maze twice by midnight because of the fast fright passes.



Sideshows and Attractions

This place is more than just mazes, although we just came for the mazes, they have plenty of other things happening. If you like to drink and smoke they have areas devoted to those activities and even a Hookah lounge. You can rent out a private cabana to drink with your friends and enjoy some of the sideshows. The dark harbor is also filled with food vendors which are overpriced but hey you have to eat at some point and the food is decent since they are independent vendors. The amount of entertainment is also surprising, from trapeze artists to tap dancers. There was an undead band playing most of the night and monsters on stilts walking throughout the park. They even had these monsters that would slide out in front of people put on a decent show of them sliding around. Nowhere in the Dark Harbor are you too far from entertainment. Even while standing in line, the monsters will break into the line and try to scare some people. Overall the Dark Harbor area is well designed with entertainment at every turn.


Circus Maze

The Circus Maze was the first maze of the night and wow was it a good maze. You get freak show characters throughout the maze and you even get to find out what day you are going to die from Zoltar. The two best parts of this maze is the mirror room where you have to find your way out of it while monsters jump out from the corners. Some people actually get lost in there for a couple minutes. The second room that took me back was near the exit of the maze where they fill the area completely with smoke to the point where you can’t see anything but white. You then basically wander through the area slowly with your hands out trying to find an exit. The situation is worse as white monsters hide in the fog and jump out at you. Definitely a mind bending experience and so good that we did this maze three times.


Soulmate Maze

The second maze of the night on our counterclockwise path was the soulmate maze. The great thing about this maze is that it takes you through the engine room and you even get to see the real Queen Mary Propeller in the water. Overall this maze would be considered gruesome and less on the scary part but you still get plenty of monsters jumping out at you. This being the bowels of the ship some of the smells can be off putting.  This maze also started the trend of having mazes with plenty of stairs so keep that in mind if you tire easily or are drunk.

B340 Maze

This maze is based on the most haunted room on the Queen Mary and did not disappoint. We were fortunate to basically go through this maze alone. The mazes are long and some people might not like that because it isn’t non stop action. I personally enjoy walking through areas and not having something happen because it just adds to the suspense. Since the Queen Mary is not a movie studio or amusement park they have a different type of creativity and it shows in the different ways they try to scare you. The workers even have a bit more freedom to interact and what they are allowed to say. I interacted with them frequently and they always had something witty or scary to tell me. The best part of this maze is when you are walking across a bridge in near pitch darkness over 50ft in the air and events happen. Again, a maze so good we went through it twice and each experience was unique.


Lullaby Maze

This maze builds on the story of a child that drowned on the Queen Mary. Whether true or not the child goes by the name Mary and the first thing you notice when you enter this maze is the smell. I don’t know if this is on purpose or just the area but it smells like raw sewage and I truly feel sorry for the performers in the area. The creepiest thing about this maze is all the similar looking Mary’s and the constant misdirection for the pop up frights. We got to go through this maze on our own and we decided to spread out so we were literally going through the maze alone and if you get the chance you will seem the rooms completely different. We went through it twice once by ourselves and once in a group and both were great but there is something about going into an empty quiet room and you know someone is in there waiting for you that is at the peak of fright. I wish that amusement parks would offer a solo pass where u got to experience a maze on your own but the cost would be too high.




Feast Maze

This maze draws its theme from the fact that the Queen Mary has a delicious restaurant Sir Winstons. Instead of steaks and fine dining the guests are on the menu. This maze is a gruesome maze with body parts and blood everywhere. Most people will like this maze because it has a bar in the middle of the maze that you can hangout and have a drink at with an undead waiter. The next notable activity is crawling through part of the maze in an “oven”. There is a bypass if you can’t crawl but we did crawl and it was a very warm room. Again since I am not a fan of gruesome we only did this maze once.


Deadrise Maze

This maze pays homage to the war history of the Queen Mary and from a distance looks like a awesome attraction. With soldiers screams and spires of fire overhead we rushed to the entrance. The maze became a disappointed not because of the actors or the displays but because of the simple fact that they were hurting our ears. They would take a hammer or something and bang on the container you were in and made your hearing go out. We had this happen to us once and we spent the rest of the maze protecting our ears.


Intrepid Maze

This maze had the disadvantage of being the last maze we were doing so we were kind of jaded at this point and the maze does start of slow with typical jump scares but the second half of the maze is amazing. You enter some brick catacombs which act as a morbid doctors office with expertly decorated doctors but the highlight of this attraction is the fog and laser room which is a surreal experience. Made better by the monsters lurking in the low fog which genuinely shocked me.


Last Thoughts

Other than the smell of random weed now and then this was a great event. Since we went early in October the lines were not long and our fast fright passes were well worth it. Although the production value of the mazes can at times be low, the mazes are long and filled with great actors whose makeup work is amazing. The Queen Mary makes for a great backdrop for some of the mazes and relying on the boat’s history is great. The mazes are long (5-10 minutes) and the great thing is that they space people out so at times it felt like we were alone in the maze which incredibly adds to the fear of the maze. One highlight is that they get actors that look similar so sometimes you wonder if it is the same character you keep seeing. One negative that I can’t tell if it is on purpose is the smell on some of the Queen Mary mazes. It honestly smells like raw sewage or the smell on a bad/old cruise ship. An additional plus is that you get to see parts of the ship you would have to pay extra to see like the engine room or the pool area. Definitely plan to return in the future and this was a pleasant surprise as the price for entertainment price point is great and you can get the whole place done in three hours.

~  Happy Travels!   ~

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