Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

I didn’t think we would spend as much time as we did but this place was amazing and the falls are spectacular and powerful. Make sure to dress warm or bring some covering for all the misting.

American Falls

The sheer power and strength from the winds that are created is enough to realize that this place is special.On the right days the mists will create several rainbows throughout the area. The national park itself has several observation points to see the fall from different vantage points. You will get the best view and have the strongest reaction to the falls from the observation deck that hangs over the crater. Be prepared for strong winds and icy temperatures at this observation deck.



Cave of Winds Gorge

A misleading name as there is no cave but this attraction offers you the chance to get up close to the falls from below. You will be able to look up at the falls and this will get you even closer than the boat tours. You will need tickets for this attraction and the lines can get very long as they have to limit the number of people on the wooden deck near the falls.  

Horse Shoe Falls

These are the more impressive looking falls to me as the falls are composed of about 180 degrees of waterfalls. If it is a windy day, they are harder to see because of the mist they generate but when you do see the falls they are breathtaking. As a reminder these spots are wet, cold and windy.


The trolley is a nice way to get around the area and stops at all major points along the falls but can be slow.


Why come to the falls to see a aquarium. Not worth it. Every city has an aquarium I can’t imagine this one having something worth taking time away from the falls.

Niagara Falls – Canada

Bring your passport because you can walk to Canada along the rainbow bridge and to be honest the Canadian side seems like the more active side of the Niagara Falls area with shops/attractions/casinos and a better view of the falls. You will get closer to the falls on the American side but the Canadian side faces the entirety of the falls.

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