Joshua Tree – National Park

Joshua Tree – National Park

One of our favorite activities while in Hawaii was star gazing and we had another opportunity to star gaze when we decided to visit Joshua Tree National Park. We were just going to make a two day trip out of the visit and planned to camp in our rental car. We rented a hatchback and bought an inflatable bed that fit in the back of the flatbed hatchback. It actually looked pretty nice and cozy.

The weather would be on the hot side during the day and cold during the night but more importantly the forecast called for clear skies. The crazy thing about Joshua Tree is how alone you can be in the desert. You can visit a couple campgrounds in the park or just drive into the desert and be alone.

Sights / Day

It is hot so bring some covering or sunscreen but the area is very vast and empty and a good place to reflect in peace. There isn’t much to do though, the heat makes it hard to do physical activities.We drove around instead and pulling over at all the sites of interest. For me personally, the trip wasn’t about the sunlight and in fact was more about waiting for the sun to go down and the stars to come out.

Sights / Night

A breathtaking and expansive view of the sky. This trip gave me the opportunity to play with some of the fun features on my Galaxy S7 and my tripods.



I always feel insecure and a bit scared about sleeping in the middle of nowhere in the dark with spotty cell phone coverage.  It is when I am most alone that I fear anything or anyone showing up just because I believe that there is a greater chance at something bad happening. If you are in the middle of nowhere and you want to approach me, I feel that the intent is probably malicious. As a result of this, I didn’t get much sleep as I was too paranoid someone would sneak up to us. I don’t think I would ever camp in a tent just because of my paranoia but having a hard shell car that could get up to speed quickly made me relax a bit.

I am big on being self-reliant so I was carrying a weapon (lethality of the weapon is a personal choice) in the event something did happen in the middle of nowhere. I also came to the park with the impression that people come out to this nation park to do drugs so I also wanted to cover myself in the event we ran into those people as well. I was also paranoid about getting lost as many people go into the desert, get disoriented and get lost so I had a couple compasses and a small survival kit.

Basically, If you’re not paranoid and insane you’ll probably have a amazing time in the desert because even with all my madness I still found a way to enjoy my visit to Joshua Tree. On your way into Joshua Tree or on your way out, you might want to drop by the local Casino Morongo for some fun and food. 

Happy Travels !

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