Ghost Hunting on the Queen Mary – Room B340

Ghost Hunting on the Queen Mary – Room B340

Lucy and I have always wanted to ghost hunt and especially on the Queen Mary. On our previous trip to the Queen Mary, we heard and experienced some interesting things like smelling smells and hearing noises that weren’t there or had no source. The Queen Mary now operates as a hotel and one of the most haunted sites on the ship is room B340. It was so haunted, or the guests experienced so many things, that the room was closed to the public.Early in 2018, they tastefully refurbished the room and have started allowing members of the public to rent it at$500/night. We booked the room, and spent the night ghost hunting.

Queen Mary / Room B340

Let’s cut to the chase, we appear to have experienced some paranormal activity aboard the Queen Mary while staying at the most haunted room at the hotel, B340. We arrived at B340 and initially the history of the room makes you feel a bit uncomfortable (especially alone). We arrived as a group of three, me, Lucy, and my sister and after setting up all our equipment we didn’t feel uncomfortable in the room anymore. Although that feeling would return periodically we mostly felt comfortable in the room (even in the pitch black dark).  This was our first ghost hunt so we only had a limited amount of equipment:

  • Two IR Webcam’s on tripods
  • Sony microphones to record sounds (including Electronic Voice Phenomena – EVP)
  • Our cell phones


After setting up for about an hour and settling in, we left the room to have dinner at the wonderful Sir Winstons. After a delicious 90 minute meal we headed back to our room and started to notice some of the drawbacks of being in the most haunted room on the Queen Mary (B340). First off, everyone knows where the room is and how to find it and that it is haunted. This leads to a lot of foot traffic and people walking up to the door as though the room is empty. Although it was fun to scare a couple of them from the other side of the door, this got tiring when we actually wanted to take a early nap to be ready to go all night. Some of the things we noticed were: the sounds of footsteps, laughs, giggles, knocks, people trying to open our door, screams, whispers, and attempts to talk to the room. This activity took place over an hour but would have gone on all night if we didn’t hang up signs on the doors to let people know there are people inside. Thankfully everyone was respectful and that reduced the traffic significantly although there was plenty of foot traffic in the hallway.

So before I go into what we experienced, I wanted to go over some activity that we feel is not paranormal. Although we and others have experienced some of the activities below, we found too many possible reasons to rule it out as paranormal.


Debunking the Queen Mary / Room B340

  • Faucet turns on
    • One of the claims is that you can hear the faucet turn on. This is actually a pipe behind a locked cabinet. Water from the above bathroom, drains through this pipe and sounds like a open faucet.
    • My wife was in B340 and I went up one floor and listened at the door to the room above ours and they were using the bathroom at the same time that you would hear a faucet in B340
  • Kids laughing
    • The port holes are not sealed and you can hear the people on the gangway throughout the day, including field trips and families.
    • In addition, the foot traffic near B340 is insane and we had to put up signs to prevent people from coming near the door/knocking/laughing/trying to open the door.
  • Cold Breeze
    • The port holes are not sealed and can be opened/or left opened and so a breeze can come in.
  • Curtains moving
    • The port holes are not sealed and can be opened/or left opened and so a breeze can come in.
    • The vents are near the curtains
  • Noises on CB radio or walkie talkie
    • The port of long beach is right next door and is active all night
    • We got a couple truckers/workers on our walkie
  • General Noises
    • The hotel is busy and it is hard to isolate that the noise isn’t coming from the room next to you/above you/below you/or from the hallway outside
    • The foot traffic is impressive as there was still people wondering the halls at 3-4am
  • Smells
    • Depending on the day, you get a musty smell in the room which we had previously experienced in the lower decks of the boat

Paranormal Activity

After we returned to our room from dinner, I decided to scare some of the people coming up to the B340 door. This was endlessly fun but after a while we decided we should probably take a nap if we plan to be up all night. I tend to pace so after a couple minutes of pacing around the room and closing all the blinds and making the room dark I finally laid down. About 10-15 seconds after laying down I started hearing a crackling. My sister thought it was coming from the mini-fridge but it was coming from my dresser.

I quickly grabbed my phone and turned on the light by the nightstand. What all three of us observed was a bag moving by itself for about a minute. Although the camera angle has a hard time showing the movements in all directions, I was fortunate to capture some of it. The bag had been there for about 2.5 hours at that point and contained my extension cord and power strip. We left the bag in the drawer for the remainder of the visit but it never moved again. In addition, when we reviewed our footage we also found a mist show up on camera for a second about 8 minutes before the bag started moving. 

Also shown in our video is an occurrence while we were out at dinner. My sister’s bag had been sitting on the bed for about an hour at which point the flap is suddenly slammed down. It does not appear to be gravity as the fall is sharp as if it was slammed down (although it could be gravity). We played with the bag for a bit trying to re-create the footage and could not without slamming the flap, gravity usually made it fall slowly.

We performed a couple of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) sessions but got nothing during the night. On our way out though we performed a couple sessions and were able to capture the occurrences on the video. I was overall surprised by the amount of activity.

Closing Remarks

So is B340 haunted? I would say no more than the rest of the Queen Mary but I was impressed with this being our first ghost hunt that there was some activity. As mentioned that are so many sources for noises that it is hard to think most of the noises are paranormal. The room itself was nice and beautiful and at $500/night – expensive but if you get to experience something as we did, then it is worth it. I am happy to say that we had so much fun during this trip that this will not be our last ghost hunt and are currently looking into visiting some other haunted sites.


Happy Travels!

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