We got the opportunity to take three weeks off in November and Lucy was able to plan a great trip out east. We would start by flying to Orlando Florida for a seven day excursion through all the theme parks of Disney World. We then fly up to the tri state area for a road trip from New York to Boston. Along the way we visit Niagara Falls and are bewitched by Salem Massachusetts. The road trip then continues as we cross the northern border into Canada to visit historic Quebec City and Montreal for some french inspired delicacies.

Stories From The Road

I can tell you that these long trips are starting to wear and we are probably going to go back to taking 3-4 day trips (10 max) as this trip saw us driving thousands of miles across two countries. We jumped through about 8 hotels and did laundry at two of them. We flew a total of three times with about 4 connections and although we travel light all this adds up to time away from vacationing and added stress. We usually try to cram a lot into the days we visit a city but eventually you get tired and unfortunately Lucy got sick on this trip as a result.

The Car

The car we rented in New York stunk like smoke for the whole trip and on our way back to New York from Montreal we accidentally left the GPS settings to avoid tolls. This mistake added two hours to our trip and had us driving through every small town between Montreal and New York.

During our drive through New York we got to see the Amish in their horse drawn carriages riding next to the highway and unfortunately several dead deer. We almost contributed to that total as a deer jumped out in front of our car but fortunately I was able to slow down enough to avoid it as it crossed.

US Border Crossing

Lucy was stopped at the border for a stolen passport and things were tense for the 30 minute hold. Funny enough I thought I would receive the tough questioning at the border but in fact Lucy almost didn’t make it back. As an example of how serious it got they took my car keys, I wasn’t allowed to use my cell phone, and I couldn’t go to the bathroom.  In the end, Lucy isn’t a 80 year old woman from the UK with a similar passport number so they let us go.


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