DisneyWorld Grand Tour

DisneyWorld Grand Tour

Disney World | Itinerary

Day One & Two

  • Magic Kingdom
  • Be our Guest at Beast’s Castle Lunch
  • Christmas Celebration and fireworks

Day Three

  • Hollywood Studios
  • Disney Springs
  • NXT Fight Night

Day Four


  • Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Day Five & Six


  • Animal Kingdom

DAY ONE & TWO / Magic Kingdom

This park is very similar to Disneyland with some additions and omissions. It is actually makes Disneyland seem more impressive as they can fit more rides in a smaller space than Disneyworld. With that being said, the Magic Kingdom is grand and spaces the lands so as not to feel as crowded as Disneyland


  • New Orleans square and gumbo bowls
  • Indiana Jones Ride
  • Toon Town
  • Christmas Haunted Mansion
  • Star Tours
  • The miniature storybook ride
  • Nemo
  • Blue Bayou


  • Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride
  • Fairgrounds take the place of toon town
  • Little Mermaid
  • Beast Castle Restaurant

The rides that do overlap though have variations that make them unique and worth riding. As an example I loathe “It’s a small world” at Disneyland but the Disney World version was pleasant and not as annoying. An additional example was the fact that Disney World’s Space Mountain was much more intense.

Fast Pass

The fast pass system is also different than Disneyland and has some benefits and drawbacks.


  • You can add the fast passes right on your phone and don’t have to visit the attraction
  • You can reserve 3 attractions ahead of time if available i.e. the previous day
  • You can release them on your phone if you change your mind


  • Improved tracking means you can’t double up on fast passes by getting one right at the start of the entry window
  • You can’t see what fast track tickets are available until you release one or have used all 3

Plan For The Day

Before arriving get the fastpass tickets you would like on the app and restaurant reservations you can. As always get there as soon as the park opens and head straight for the Seven Dwarf Mine Ride. Even if it shows a 30 minute wait when the park opens it will only get worst and we saw it go up to 3 hours.

Disney Magic Bands

These things were great way to easily enter the park , pay for things at the park after linking a credit card, get our disney photopass pictures and use our fast passes. If you can find a deal on the Disney website they are definitely worth it. In my opinion they are also quite stylish and contribute to some of the magic of the park.

Magic Moments

As mentioned the Disney ticket bands identify you at the park and are read passively throughout the park. The more impressive and magical moments come when these are read at attraction entrances or exits. A couple times the display or animatronics would reference me specifically and other guests which spooked me the first time because I still don’t know at what point they read the band. If you have children the band is well worth having your kid lose it when they see their name on the attraction.

Lunch at Beast’s Castle

Lucy booked this and the reservation’s are hard to get but we were fortunate to get lunch reservations for both days. Dinner reservations to us seemed more expensive for the sit down experience and having Bell and Beast come around during dinner. We also felt that we preferred the lunch menu but the staff at the restaurant raved about dinner.

The experience begins by selecting your meal at the magical kiosks. You place your order and then you just find your seat anywhere in the restaurant and your food will magically find you. Again having the Disney bands makes the magic work and if you don’t have them you will be given a rubber rose to act as the locator.

Main Dining Room

The castle’s main dining room is impressive and breathtaking with high ceilings and classical styling. We ate both times in this room as the room is just beautiful.

Beasts Dining Room

The room to the left is dedicated to the Beasts forbidden west wing. This room features the storied rose counting down pedal by pedal and a dark and gloomy atmosphere

Bell’s and Beast’s Dining Room

This is a more cheerful room,  decorated with Bell and Beast dancing in the center. The room also has the most paintings on the walls.

Beast’s Castle Food

We had the French dip sandwich which was ok but the croque monsieur was delicious and filling.

We also tried three cupcakes


The Master’s Cupcake – The special of the castle was smooth.and rich and was Lucy’s choice for both sittings


Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake – The strawberry and creme cupcake tasted exactly like a Costco red velvet cake and was my favorite


Triple Chocolate Cupcake – The triple chocolate was delicious but was like getting punched in the mouth with chocolate.

Disney Christmas Celebration

On our second day visit we also got tickets to the Christmas Celebration special event. Disneyland and Disneyworld both have a Halloween  special event where you visit the park and trick or treat and this is the Christmas equivalent only found at Disneyworld. Tickets are limited so the park is less crowded.

The Christmas event has Christmas treats and drinks throughout the park , a Christmas parade featuring Santa, Frozen castle lighting show, Christmas Castle lighting show, and Christmas fireworks.

The cookies, cocoa, eggnog, cider and candy were all great and the lines are not very long.Some people take advantage of the short lines for the rides while other value the treats. I would do the rides first but Lucy wanted the treats so we did the treats and after a 2-3 stations we were stuffed and started riding some rides.


Christmas Parade

The parade is decent with all your favorite characters in Christmas wear and I even got a shout-out from Santa for wearing my Santa believe shirt. The big guy looked at me and told me,” I believe in You.” I don’t lose my mind often but that was a cool moment and great ad libbing by Santa. In addition during the whole parade they make it snow on Main Street. There are two showings of the parade but try attending the first in the event you don’t like the spot you end up with.

Christmas Shows

There are two castle shows at the event: Frozen and Christmas.

For both shows they take advantage of the ability to overlay on the castle and completely change the appearance of the castle. For the Frozen show they make the castle appear as a winter ice palace and for the Christmas show they change the castle to several Christmas themes like a log cabin or Feliz Navidad. Both shows are accompanied by their respected characters. For the Christmas show all the Disney characters come out and sing an assortment of Christmas favorites.

Christmas Fireworks

The highlight of the evening is the fireworks show which has only one showing so try and get good seats. If you are near the Walt Disney statue you will experience an immersive fireworks experience as you are surrounded by fireworks and music.

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