Alaska Vacation | Vancouver

Alaska Vacation | Vancouver

Lucy’s parent were catching a plane later in the day after getting off the boat. They decided to join us at our hotel. Lucy and I usually travel light while her parents usually travel heavy. Since we were staying in the area we planned to take public transport to our hotel instead of the expensive cruise shuttle. This is where things would start to go wrong for Lucy’s parents.

Our Vancouver | Itinerary


Day One


  • Public transport
  • Sheraton in Richmond
  • Park and Mr. Pretzel


Day Three


  • Harbor Boats
  • Granville Public Market
  • RiverRock Casino

Day Two


  • Capilano Suspension bridge
  • Salmon Hike

Day Four


  • Shannon Falls
  • Whistler
  • Swimming in lakes

 Vancouver / Day One


We thought that our train station was close by to the cruise ship as there was a train station right next door. Unfortunately to get to our train we had to go through several levels and several turnstiles. Lucy’s dad started getting frustrated and tired of carrying all their luggage but eventually we got to our train. Right as we were settling in, train personnel started yelling that we needed to get off due to a medical emergency. We complied and got off and were told to board another train and connect down the line. Just as we got comfortable the same employee yelled that anyone going our way was to get off this train and wait for the next one. We complied and waited for the train to arrive. The train arrived and the people got off and just as I tried to board the train, the doors closed, pinning me. The employee ran over and pried the doors open and yelled at all of us to hurry as he can’t hold the doors much longer. Nothing ever happened on the trains for the rest of the trip on the trains but Lucy’s parents got to experience public transport at its worst on that first day.

We checked into the Sheraton in Richmond and took a walk around the local park. We eventually made our way to the local mall for some lunch and found the most delicious pretzel place in the world. Mr. Pretzel was so delicious that we visited this place every morning on our way to the train station and unfortunately we are ruined for all other pretzels. Lucy’s parent left and we were so tired we just went to bed and had dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Vancouver / Day Two


We slept in and eventually took public transport to the Capilano suspension bridge. This whole area was in the forests of BC and felt very Disney- esque in its construction. The main attractions included a tree top bridge tour, the giant suspension bridge, and a cliff walk. They all play on the same theme of suspending the visitor over different area’s. The suspension bridge in particular swings and sways a lot when there is a lot of people poorly distributed on the bridge.


We managed to do everything twice before getting hungry. Lucy wanted to visit a Salmon hatchery and misread the map. She thought it was going to be a 15 minute walk but ended up being a one hour hike through some beautiful BC forests. The hike was nice and relaxing and we even got to see some people get in trouble for fishing without a permit.


Vancouver / Day Three


I was excited about this day as we were heading to the Granville Island Public Market. I was partily excited about all the food I was going to eat but I was also excited by the fact that we were going to take a harbor boat to get around the area. We got a day pass on the harbor boats so we took them around False creek, getting off at each stop. Among the notable stops, a park, the olympic village, and a casino. We visited the casino with the intention to gamble but right as we were about to gamble the power to the casino went out right as I pressed a button on a slot machine.


Granville island Public Market is like a giant farmers market with food so delicious it makes you just want to spend the day eating, and we did. This pizza place called Pizzaz had the most delicious pizza. The meatlovers was delicious but the showstealer was the philly cheesesteak pizza. Pizzaz also had delicious gelato but it did seem a bit overpriced. We then made our way to a german sausage stand where we had a couple of polish dogs and a twice grilled german sausage with some kraut. Again more delicious food at a reasonable price. Since I have a sweet tooth we also filled our mouths with brownies, apple pies and cookies. The only disappointing thing was that I only had one stomach to fill.



After deciding we couldn’t eat anymore we made our way back to the hotel. Along the way we realized we still had that gambling itch and stopped at the River Rock casino. As a non-smoker, I can only spend so much time in a casino because of all the smoke smell. In Canada the casino’s are smoke free which made this place amazing. We played a bit of slot machines after exchanging our US currency to local currency and managed to win a bit before losing a lot. At other casinos I have seen digital roulette but the roulette here was a bit different.

They had a row of machines with a video feed to a real roulette table. You bet digitally on two different wheels but get to watch them spin a real wheel. This was really addicting and even Lucy got into it. Me and Lucy were betting maybe 10 dollars a spin but the guy next to me literally ran through 1000 Canadian dollars in about 20 minutes. Eventually we almost lost all our money as well but on our last hand we hit the number and after a couple of fortunate rolls of the wheel we were back to even, nothing more exciting than betting it all on black. This was a very exciting way to spend a couple hours since we didn’t lose any money and more importantly I now have a roulette buddy in Lucy.

Vancouver / Day Four


On our last day we headed up to Squamish on what is supposed to be a scenic drive but unfortunately due to some fires in BC the view was basically ruined. We were able to pull over at this amazing waterfall at Shannon Falls and take in the crystal clear glacier runoff. Eventually we made our way to Whistler and enjoyed what was the site for the Winter Olympics at some point in the past. The area was very beautiful and relaxing and we dropped by some of the shops for food and dessert.




In particular, COWS ice cream was amazingly delicious. On our way back down we stopped at a couple lakes and camping grounds to lounge and swim. The water was just crystal clear and cold enough to soothe our tired muscles and the lakes were surrounded by forested hills. Some of the lakes had platforms to cannonball and normally we would have kayaked but we were a bit too tired and chose to float around instead. We had a nice cozy steak dinner at the Salted Vine, all in all a very relaxing way to end a wonderful vacation.

This was a long trip and I can admit that we were a bit homesick towards the end of the trip. Even as I write this, I can admit I am not too excited about going on another trip but that feeling will fade away quickly once I realize all the things I have to get done back home. You know it is a long trip when the days start blurring together and you completely forget other parts of your vacation. Nonetheless, at some point we will be visiting this area of the world again.

~   Happy Travels!   ~

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