Veggie Garden

Veggie Garden

For the longest time Lucy wanted a vegetable garden and for the longest time I thought we didn’t have the space for it until I realized that the side along the back of the house would be perfect. We had made a flowerbed from some broken concrete from past projects but that wouldn’t cut it. Lucy was particular about the materials we would use, as this was to be an organic vegetable garden. The first order of business was to throw away so much dirt and concrete.




Garden Construction

I eventually leveled out the dirt and removed the chipping paint. The design we selected was an easy design; Home Depot sold these concrete blocks with slits for pieces of wood. This meant we just had to stack the blocks and slide cut pieces of redwood into the openings. That is exactly what we did without any drama. Lucy was even able to make a natural wood sealer made out of beeswax. We lined the inside of the box with some gardening plastic and then layered dirt and manure into the bed. Lucy wanted to plant her plants but I told her before doing that I had to run an irrigation system.



Garden Irrigation

We bought a battery-powered timer that connected to an outdoor water faucet. We bought some irrigation pipe and ran the piping along the bed. Once Lucy planted her plants she added holes to the pipes for the drip irrigation. Overall this project went well compared to some of our other projects. It went so smoothly that I built some flowerbeds in the front of the house with the leftover material.

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