Garbage Garage

Garbage Garage

Remodeling a Garage….

This needed to be done but was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was tired of finding rat droppings in the garage and seeing it filled with wood paneling. What started as a cleaning job turned into a complete remodel. We started by replacing the old sliding door with a new French double door. Originally we thought this would be hard but it was as easy as removing the sliding doors and then removing the sliding frame. We then just slid the new door in and screwed it into the frame of the garage. I wish this had been all that I had to do.



Wood Paneling Hell

I then started taking down the entire wood paneling, which only revealed rat’s nests and rat poo. I tore down a brick wall and floor on the inside of the garage. There was also an indoor chimney, which left a hole in my roof. Disposing of this was much more work than I would ever sign up for but I did. Eventually at the end of this job I paid to have a clean up crew come out and pick up all my trash because it was truly overwhelming.





Secret Ceiling

The ceiling of the garage had a fake ceiling, which consisted of a long and heavy 20x4x2ft wooden beam with wood paneling draped along each side. I thought about keeping it but a quick inspection revealed that of course there was a ton of rat poop in the ceiling. I also have to point out that early in the poo discovery, I realized that I would be doing this whole remodel with a breathing mask and bodysuit.




Chocolate Rain

When the time came to remove the wood panels from the ceiling I was prepared for a bit of dust, dirt and poop to come down but I was never quite ready for the hell that rained down on me that day. It is the only time in my adult life that I googled symptoms for the plague and felt that it was appropriate and could save my life. Eventually all the crap and dirt settled and everything was cleaned up.




Hole in the Roof

The next peril that I faced was cutting down the large 20x4x2 Ft piece of wood in the ceiling. I’m sure there are smarter ways but I started cutting near the middle of the board until it was close to breaking. I tied a rope to it and pulled from a safe distance until the whole piece came down. I took this time to run all new electrical in the garage and place new outlets, which at this point was pretty easy. We fixed the hole in the roof by fitting a new piece of wood and adding new shingles to the area. We then insulated the walls and ceiling of the garage and rented a machine to hold drywall to the ceiling.




Never Ends

At this point I was so tired and devastated by the weekend project that had turned into a month long marathon, that I didn’t realize I wasn’t good at lining drywall pieces next to each other. Doing drywall is an art, even when the pieces are flush I found it very hard to get the pieces perfectly smooth. I don’t have the talent or patience to do it.






Finishing Touches

We added some storage shelves high above the garage and finished by painting the whole room white and then painting the back wall a different color. Lucy also wanted the floor to be a dark color so we painted the concrete dark grey as well. Overall the garage is now one of my favorite rooms with the high ceilings, new insulation and big French door.

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