Bathroom Blowout

Bathroom Blowout


This was the project that almost drove Lucy crazy. We decided to tile both bathrooms even though they weren’t in as bad of a shape as the rest of the house. The only regret I have is not pulling out the bathtub frame. I didn’t trust my ability to waterproof the bath area so I left the insert in there but once the job was complete, I immediately regretted it. We started with a demo of the non-direct water contact surfaces and replaced it with hardibacker board.


Funny Business

We bought some pre-mixed adhesive for the smaller tiles but the sheer amount of repeated tiling almost drove Lucy crazy. I came home one day and found her tiling and laughing. When I asked her what was so funny she replied that she didn’t know. That was about the end of Lucy trying to do all the small tiles by herself. Eventually though we finished tiling and grouted the whole bathroom. Overall we feel that both bathrooms came out very well. We used Italian tile for both bathrooms that we found on discount.

Unfortunately getting enough tile to finish both jobs meant me driving to several stores around the city when I realized we would be short a couple boxes. This was by far our longest (1 Month for both bathrooms) and most annoying project as it took a lot of patience and attention to detail.

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