Backyard Paradise

Backyard Paradise

The backyard was such a mess when we got the house. We started by ripping up the old concrete and placing new concrete pavers. We tore down an old metal and rotten wood shed and put down some mulch and created a small bbq area and built a new modern shed. We put a couple of pillars and attached swinging doors to separate the cooking area from the entertainment area. We set up an outdoor television and ran electrical for outdoor fountains and an aquarium.



Add Color

The concrete that remained we stained red to give a nice contrast with the green grass. In the middle of the concrete was a giant circle, apparently the remains of a giant tree, and also the perfect place for a large fire pit. We picked up some pieces at Home Depot that Lucy chiseled into pieces that fit into a circle. This gave the fire pit a nice rustic and unique appearance worthy of being the centerpiece of the backyard. We set up an area to relax and lounge and another to eat and play board games.



Final Touches

We added romantic lighting and tiki torches to give the area a warm and inviting feel and also keep bugs away. We filled the area with wireless speakers so that every part of the backyard had a nice low level of sound. Finally, we planted vegetation so that you would always be surrounded by something green and growing.

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